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Black Belt Students

Below is a chronological list of students who have attained a Black Belt 1st Dan or above as part of Kevin O'Hagan's Total Combat System.


1982 1st Generation
Kevin O'Hagan 7th Dan
Terina O'Hagan 1st Dan
Brian Barker 3rd Dan
Mark Fortune 1st Dan
1985 2nd Generation
Martin Williams 1st Dan
Mike Griffin 2nd Dan
Neil bartlett 3rd Dan
1990s 3rd Generation
Rob Cannon 2nd Dan
Tony Watt 3rd Dan
Paul Hirst 3rd Dan
Andy Wintle 1st Dan
Bryan Watts 1st Dan
Mike White 1st Dan
Phil Davies 2nd Dan
2000s 4th Generation
Pete Dunn 3rd Dan
Ismail Kadi 1st Dan
Corrine Watt 1st Dan
Aaron Gilson 1st Dan
Dave Tanner 1st Dan
Rich Williams 1st Dan
Tom O'Hagan 1st Dan
Jake O'Hagan 1st Dan

Jay Newton 1st Dan

Diane Jobbling 1st Dan
Dave Fredrick 1st Dan



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