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'Origins of Kevin O'Hagan's Total Combat Systems'

Great lads like Mark Clemmings, Steve Thomas and many more new faces now made this venue a top one. The Academies Competition teams all trained extensively at this venue. Paul, Matt, Rob and Phil all went through this arduous experience of their 1st Dan black belts there and I am sure that there.

The sports centres venues, particularly Horfield and Kingsdown are thriving and hopefully a 4 th generation of instructors are coming through in the near future.

The MMA side of the academy was growing in numbers and in success so a move had to take place again. We moved from Lifestyles to the UDF Combat Academy which offered a much more extensive space and fully matted dojo. With the increase in size of venue the classes grew greatly in numbers and a new league of fighters started to compete for the now called 'Team Impact' MMA. Fighters started to compete at all levels from Amateur to Pro MMA with good success.

At the same time Kevin had refined and evolved the Bristol Goshin Ju Jutsu Academy in to the Total Combat System it is today. Blending the already formidable system with the functionality of MMA a superior and even more effective system was born.

As well as this Kevin also put together a high intensity conditioning class open to all who want to challenge themselves called 'The Gladiator Total Body Workout.' It has been received with great success at his local leisure centre and still runs every Wednesday.

After an increase in the number of competitive fighters and the need for a more rounded training facility the Academy made another move, to the Bristol Dojo.

It was at Bristol, Dojo that Kevin's two sons Tom and Jake graded for their Black Belt 1 st Dan. After years of training in Ju Jutsu and MMA from 5 years old they completed there grading in impressive fashion.

The Mixed Martial Arts side of the system is now taught almost exclusively from this venue where there is a huge matted area, a boxing ring, walled area, suplex dummies and a whole host of equipment. Team Impact have risen up to be a truly formidable force with a great range of fighters gaining success at Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro level across the UK as well as winning numerous Gold medals in Submission grappling.  Kevin along with his sons teach here on a weekly basis, with a 30 strong fight team and more than double that as members the classes have gone from strength to strength.

Combat Ju Jutsu classes now are taught expertly by two of Kevin's 3rd Dan Black Belts Tony Watt and Pete Dunn.

The Children's Ju Jutsu class is forever growing and Kevin along with Jake O'Hagan and Dave Tanner have established a professional class with a great bunch of children ages from 6 to 14 years old. It has inspired Jake to create a Junior MMA class that is bringing through a whole generation of new talent.

Kevin O' Hagan's Total Combat System continues to grow with many exciting developments coming soon, it has been running up to present more than 25 years and is one of the most established and constantly evolving systems in the UK.

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