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Kevin O'Hagan

Kevin is a veteran Martial artist of 36 years experience to date. He is well known in his field not only in Bristol, his home town, but across the UK and indeed the world. He started training in 1975 and teaching his first class in 1982. He holds the rank of 7th Dan Masters Black Belt in Combat Ju Jutsu and is the highest graded instructor in the South West of England.

Some regard him as one of the best Combat Ju Jutsu and reality self-defence instructors in the UK. Kevin also holds black belts in Japanese Ju Jutsu and Atemi Jutsu. He is a senior instructor with the prestigious BRITISH COMBAT ASSOCATION and has pasted his knowledge on at a local, national and international level.

On top of this Kevin is also one of the head coaches and founder of the first MMA club in Bristol which has also become a big part of what he does. Kevin was there at the birth of MMA in the UK and has competed in the Ju Jutsu and Submission Wrestling circuit, winning numerous medals and has fought in the cage as a professional MMA athlete. He last fought in the cage at the age of 42, winning in the first round via submission. He still actively trains his team of fighters at Bristol Impact Gym and continues to contribute to the sport alongside his two sons.

He is renowned for his dedication to fitness and conditioning and has been in the fitness industry as a REPS fitness professional since 1996; although he has had a lifetime of conditioning before all the red tape and protocol kicked in! He has authored to date 8 books on martial arts, self-defence and fitness and made numerous DVDs covering aspects of his system and what he does.

These have again been sold internationally and used by self-defence and martial arts clubs all over the world including customers in Germany, Canada and even a USA military self-defence instructor ground zero in Afghanistan! (Check out his products, articles, news at the links above.)

Kevin has taught privately and to groups for years and has vast experience and knowledge to pass on. He has regularly taught front line NHS staff, door men, body guards, police and even the armed forces.

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