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Jake O'Hagan

Jake has trained in Martial Arts his whole life, as long as he remembers really! He was always trained under the belief that he needed to be as fit as he could be. This is why his passion lies with conditioning and being fit for purpose. He have over 15 years’ experience in the art of Combat Ju Jutsu and hold a 1st Dan Black Belt grade in this system.

For the last 6 years he has also trained in MMA and actively trains, competes and assists the coaching at Bristol Impact Gym. He has had 13 full contact MMA fights so far, and plans to keep going. he hae gained a lot of live competition experience and knowledge over the years and for the last 2 years has had the opportunity to start passing this on; to help improve novices/ beginners, and fighters to improve parts of their game.

As mentioned his big passion is the conditioning that surrounds sport and martial arts; although he doesn't claim to be the fittest person on the planet he believes the MMA athlete is certainly raising the bar on levels of fitness! The conditioning behind MMA has helped him reach his fitness goals and allows him to constantly challenge his self; this in turn has helped his clients who range from the general public looking to tone up and lose weight; to conditioning martial artists from all background, whether they want to improve kicking power or improve their ability to throw and takedown with more strength and confidence.

If you are interested in getting in shape, improving your fitness level or maybe want to learn some basic martial skills please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jake. Due to the various martial art disciplines in MMA and the cross section of techniques trained in Combat Ju Jutsu he states he can help cater to you needs through a vast number of areas including: stand up pad drills, throws and takedowns, grappling and fighting on the ground, self-protection and self-defence designed for the street and much more…

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