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Kevin writing for Combat Magazine

Kevin has recently started writing again for COMBAT magazine. In their July issue he has written an article on the 5 components of fitness for combat. Kevin will be following this up in the coming months with more articles on combat fitness and practical fighting advice. Keep an eye out for the next issue.

Peter Consterdine endorses Kevin's 'Gladiator Total Body Workout'

In the British Combat Associations recent Impact newsletter Peter had this to say about the Gladiator Workout:

"I consider myself a very hard trainer and won't ever turn down a challenge for a hard session, but I would have to be at my very best to take on Combat Jujutsu's Kevin O'Hagan's Gladiator Workout.

This combat conditioning workout will, I know, push you to your physical and mental boundaries. There is no-one I know who has Kevin's dedication to achieving a professional fighter level of combat fitness.

The Gladiator workout needs no equipment and is totally a body weight and cardiovascular routine. The 5 components addressed in the workout are Cardio, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility and Mobility. It's tough and uncompromising, but if you are serious about your martial arts and competitive edge, this is for you.

As a cage fighter veteran, martial artist and defensive tactics instructor, Kevin, is sharing what HE DOES - not what he's seen others do - He's The Real Deal!"

O'Hagan returns to the Cage

In April we saw Kevin O' Hagan step back into the cage at 43 years of age at ultimate Combat 9 to fight in a Welterweight world title eliminator against Turkey's Sami Berek.

Kevin was in superb shape although he was giving his opponent some 18 years plus in age. Berek is an up and coming fighter who is a very quick and slippery opponent.

The fight was extremely explosive with Berek running out at the bell unleashing a fast combination of punches and kicks. Kevin weathered the storm, clinched and they hit the floor. From there a battle of positions, reversals and submissions and strikes ensued. There was not much in it. Kevin escaped a keylock from Berek and opened up with his ground and pound to head and body. Twice he got on Berek's back and looked to sink the choke in. On the second occasion with seconds left on the clock for the first 5 minute round, Kevin succeeded in sinking in the choke and Berek tapped. Kevin received a rapturous response from the huge home-based crowd in Bristol.

It was truly a momentous moment in Kevin's long Martial Arts career. At an age where most guys are playing a round of golf and having a pint in the bar, Kevin shows what hard training, discipline and belief can achieve.


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