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Essential knowledge

By Kevin O'Hagan

Martial arts / Combat books - you should read

I have always been an avid reader of martial arts /combat books and have read 100's over the years. I was recently asked which books I would say were essential reading for the serious reality street orientated combat trainer?

This posed a good question and I thought long and hard about the books I had read and came up with what in my opinion are some of the best modern books on the subject. I feel these texts should be in any reality martial artists' library as vital reference material.

Obviously there are probably more great books out there and I would love any feedback. These are mine in no particular order.

  Dead or Alive - Geoff Thompson

  Streetwise - Peter Consterdine

  Pre emptive strikes for winning fights - Jamie O'Keefe

  The gift of fear - Gavin De Becker

  Bare Kills - Oscar Diaz Cobo

  Reality based personal protection - Jim Wagner

  Urban Combatives manuals vols 1&2 - Lee Morrison

  The self defence manual - Dougherty & Birdsall

  Every second counts - Sammy Franco

  R.E.A.C.T - Steve Collins

  Surviving armed assaults - Lawrence A Kane

  Unarmed against the knife - Oscar Diaz Cobo

  The art of fighting without fighting - Geoff Thompson

  The savage science of street fighting - Ned Beaumont

  In the face of violence - Kevin O'Hagan

  On Combat - Colonel David Grossman

  Contempory knife fighting - Grosz and Janich

  Cheap shots, ambushes and other lessons - Marc 'animal' MacYoung

  No second chance   -Bradley Steiner

  Black Medicine Vol 1, 2, 3 - N.Mashiro

  Bouncers guide to barroom brawling - Peyton Quinn

These are all modern day classics. From the 70's upwards. I also cheekily listed one of my own. What do you think of the list?



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