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This last seminar of the year by Kevin O'Hagan and it promises to be another great one.

The topic is:

Strangles, Chokes and necklocks.

Kevin will show you a whole host of ways to apply these holds of an instant fight stopper.Whether you want it for the competive arena, or concrete arena there will be something for everyone, all done in Kevin's usual manner with the help of his son Jake.

Topics to be covered:

The anatomy of the choke and strangle

Why they are such powerful fight stoppers

Applications with a Gi

Applications with a t shirt

Applications bare handed

Stand ups chokes

Ground chokes

Combination holds and much more...........


DATE: 11/12/2011

TIME: 11.00am - 3.00pm

PRICE: £25.00p


And much more....taught in Kevin’s own unique manner. Book early to avoid disappointment. This is a seminar you will not want to miss!

Contact: Jake O’Hagan at


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