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'The workbook of fitness and conditioning concepts for the combat athlete'

‘Tiredness makes cowards of us all’ Vince Lombardi

The above quote by legendary American football coach Vince Lombardi holds true without exception. In the world of physical combat if you are not in true fighting shape you will perish. In a ring or cage you will lose. On the streets it could be fatal.

This book explores what you need to be doing to be combat conditioned and ready for any encounter.

The book is written by one of the UK’s legendary combat conditioning experts, Kevin O’Hagan. For decades this man has put his body on the line exploring some of the toughest fitness regimes know to man. He is a veteran martial artist, ex cage fighter and trainer of professional fighters, forces and bodyguards. He has been there and done it. Even now in his late forties he keeps a high level of fitness through the concepts outlined in this book.

The book was co-written by Jake O’Hagan, Kevin’s youngest son who has followed in this father’s footsteps and who is indeed carving out his own career as a personal trainer, martial artist and fighter.



Between them they bring their expertise to bear giving you concepts, routines, exercises and advise on what has worked for them in the world of combat fitness. This is not a ‘how to do’ book. Rather it is a priceless collection of short essays on various areas of fighting fitness.

Some of the subjects covered are;

- Top fat burning routines
- Body weight exercises
- Kettle bells
- Core exercises
- Running
- Skipping,
- Swimming
- Plyometrics
- Hardcore conditioning and much more....


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