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Still Relentless


Kevin O’Hagan is back with a fantastic sequel to his highly successful Martial Arts autobiography. Relentless. You are now about to embark on a new episode in the life of this veteran fighter and Martial Artists’ career.

If you thought the last book was the closing chapter to this man’s remarkable career in the fighting arts then think again.

Seven years on he is back with a new collection of exciting and explosive tales. This book defines Kevin’s career and what really makes him tick. At an age when most men are happy with a round of golf and a pint down the pub, Kevin is still knocking down barriers and facing new physical and mental challenges.

Fighting in the cage. Television appearences. Going to the biggest fighting tournament in the world in Japan. Crazy training. Working in the field of security and much more.........

‘I don’t see age as a problem. At 47 I feel as fit as I did ten years ago. I am still bang on my fighting weight. I look after myself.’

‘I have probably forgotten more fighting techniques than some people know’.

‘I started off my Martial Arts journey wanting to learn how to fight. Now I will do everything and anything to avoid one’

‘I am pretty much blessed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of fighting techniques’

‘Apart from my family I have neglected most other things in life for my passion of Martial Arts’



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