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This page covers Kevin's latest DVD releases, including his highly regarded Special Forces and Joint Breaking DVD. Keep posted for new DVDs on there way soon. Click the covers for more details.



Name Price
Kevin O'Hagan's Special Forces Hand to Hand Close Quarter Combat System 6 disc boxset

The disc features the best combat techniques Kevin has learnt from many different military and special forces instructors in his 30 plus years of training. Filmed in high quality colour and sound, this set of discs is possibly the best Kevin has delivered to date.




Kevin O'Hagan's One Shot System

This high quality 5 disc DVD set contains some explosive action. Subjects covered are:

Ballistic Knockout strikes for street self-defence, Combat Throws, slams, chokes and strangles, Street Floor fighting, Brutal ground and pound....



The Secret Weekend Training System 5 disc boxset

These DVDs are a condensed study of Kevin's most powerful and practical street combat techniques that can be learnt in the shortest space of time possible.



Kevin O'Hagan's Secret Joint Breaking Techniques Double DVD

There are dozens of techniques to lock fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, legs, spine and neck.

Standing techniques, floor techniques, weapon defence, combination techniques and much more is presented along with Kevin's instruction.



Manstoppers - The Dirty Dozen

Learn the A.B.C system of fast finishers. 99.9% guaranteed vital points striking. Find out how to blitz your attacker with ballistic strike combos.






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Impact Ju Jutsu Vol. 1,2 & 3 plus Sudden Impact now only £25.00

Down and Out Vol. 1&2 plus Extreme Defence now only £25.00


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