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Kevin O'Hagan's Special Forces Hand to Hand close quarter fighting system

This a must have for any fan of Kevin and his fighting systems. A new 6 disc DVD boxset!

The disc's feature the best combat techniques Kevin has learnt from many different military and special forces instructors in his 30 plus years of training. Filmed in high quality colour and sound, this set of discs is possibly the best Kevin has delivered to date!

This DVD looks at:

- Manstoppers
- Disablers and Manipulators
- Dynamic defensive techniques
- Rapid fire takedowns
- Counter weapon defences
- Equalisers.


Bluntly speaking, this Special Forces insider material is currently being used by Special Forces Operatives on the proverbial ‘front-lines’. It’s not pretty. What it is though, is material designed for real-world, extreme scenarios – the kind of scenarios you would only have nightmares about, but which are all too common for the Special Forces.

In short, Kevin combines the very best he has learnt from the Insiders he has known – the Vietnam Vets, the Russians, the Commandos, the Israelis, the South Africans and more.

These are the techniques used by the Special Forces against attackers who are highly-trained, and absolutely ‘high’ on adrenaline, and subsequently near-impervious to pain.

Kevin has trained and got the SECRETS out of ALL of them.

The Crux of this material is something most civilians never hear about, or ever train in.

It’s called the A-B-C Model. And those letters stand for air, blood-flow and consciousness. Combining this with the Gross motor skill led 'Manstoppers' and its support system you will have the knowledge to take on any attacker...and win.

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