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Kevin O'Hagan's Joint breaking secrets

The DVD 'Kevin O' Hagan's secret joint breaking techniques' takes you through an instructional course on the most effective joint locking, control and breaking techniques from his reality background and Combat Ju Jutsu knowledge.

There are dozens of techniques to lock fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, legs, spine and neck.

Standing techniques, floor techniques, weapon defence, combination techniques and much more is presented along with Kevin's instruction. Make no mistake, this is an awesome DVD set of the highest quality, packed full of highly sought after information.


This DVD set covers everything – starting with Kevin’s basis for his joint-breaking system – his Triple-S foundation. This gauges just what level of force you should apply. We move through everything you need to break an attacker down quickly and efficiently on the street – everything from dislocations, to shoulder and arm breaks, leg breaks, knee dislocations and more.

This is the same kind of instruction Kevin would dole out to security personnel and other high-risk professionals. Some of the content included:

- How to do ‘old school’ head chantry (wrestling techniques) and ‘head crushing’ techniques that will cause near-instant submission in your foe.

- How to perform ‘spine twisters’. Do NOT use these in competition or in anything less than emergencies. They’re dangerous!

- How to attack multiple joints on an attacker, how to combine joint attacks. For example: combining leg locks and heel hooks for devastating effect, and combining knee and ankle locks (extremely powerful) as well as shoulder-spine combinations for ultimate control.

- How to use barred from competition joint-breaking techniques, specially adapted to the street.

- How to use a Police Force technique for control and manipulation, as well as prison officer’s secrets for control-and-restraint.

- How to apply joint breaking techniques to thugs wielding bottles, knifes and even baseball bats. Snap a knife attacker’s wrist joint as he holds a knife to you.

- How to perform ‘limb’ destructions, and much much more Including face bar applications…shoulder locks and dislocations…‘old’ wrestling-style techniques converted to the modern-day…using simple finger breaks to control your attacker…combining joint breaks with headbutts…and other agonising ‘real-life’ applications of locks.

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