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Manstoppers - The Dirty Dozen


I want you to imagine you are sitting at home in your favourite armchair watching TV. Maybe you have an ice cold beer in your hand. You are chilled and happy. You have your family around you. Life is good.


Unbeknown to you right at this moment your worst nightmare is pulling up in their car outside your house. At any moment now this monster is going to be ringing your doorbell.

You will say.’Ok honey I’ll get that’. You will open the door unexpectedly to this huge, hulking madman, who will push his way into your home.

He is so big he blocks out the light from the doorway. You see the hate in his eyes. You see the cord like veins pulsing in his neck. You’ clock’ the huge biceps and powerful chest.

He snarls that he is gonna rip you limb from limb and then start on your family. He moves surprisingly quickly towards you.......

OK WAKE UP IT’S A NIGHTMARE! But what if it wasn’t? Would you really know what to do to stop this monster? Would you know the absolute best strikes to use to finish the threat? Would you honestly know the guaranteed vital points to drop this assailant?

Be brutally honest. Are you a 100% confident to answer. Yes?

If not then you need MANSTOPPERS.
Learn the ABC system of fast finishers. 99.9% GUARANTEED VITAL POINTS STRIKING. Find out how to blitz your attacker with BALLISTIC STRIKE COMBOS. Bury any doubts. Become a lethal weapon. No bullshit, no filling, no doubt.



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