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Kevin O'Hagan's 'One Shot System'

This high quality 5 disc DVD set contains some explosive action. Subjects covered are:

- Ballistic Knockout strikes for street self-defence

- Combat Throws, slams, chokes and strangles

- Street Floor fighting, Brutal ground and pound

- Fighting out of a tight spot with your 'back against the wall'

- Defence against grabs, chokes knives and multiple opponents

- Dirty fighting techniques

- Plus Bonus action is a superb MMA Display by Tom and Jake O'Hagan



By the time you’re done with the first two DVDs, you’ll know all the secret ‘one-shot’ finishers that Kevin has developed and proven over three decades ‘in the trenches’. Arguably, these two DVDs could be all you’d need. But …

We looked into what Kevin calls ‘The Drop Zone’ - those rapid removals and takeouts which USE the FLOOR to takeout your attacker! It’s powerful, unseen stuff and complements your first two DVDs on Ballistic Striking perfectly.

Then we move onto disc 4 ‘Ground Zero’. You know that plenty of fights finish on the floor, well, the aim of the first two DVDs is to give you every ‘fast finisher’ you’ll need. But things still may go to the ground (for example, if another attacker ‘jumped’ you from behind), so this DVD looked at actually finishing on the floor. This is not a ‘how to grapple’ DVD, this looks at using these ‘one-shot’ moves on the, if you do go to ground, you’ll be able to finish with just one or two strikes.

It’s very powerful stuff once again. And it’s not particularly pleasant either. Covering moves like ‘flesh-stretchers’.

Finally the last DVD…where we put everything together…fusing these ‘one-shot’ moves and ‘fast-finishers’ together…and even looking at using them to fight out of some of the tightest and worst spots imaginable.

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