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Kevin O'Hagan's Secret Weekend Training System

These DVDs are a condensed study of Kevin's most powerful and practical street combat techniques that can be learnt in the shortest space of time possible. Kevin every now and then will get clients who are business people who travel to foreign countries that may have possible dangers. They want to know how to defend themselves but don't have years, months or even weeks to train. They come to Kevin and receive an intense 48 hours course in the 'nitty gritty' of combat, the real stuff to help them in an emergency.

Now you can have that training in this explosive DVD box set. Sharp, honest and to the point, delivered in Kevin's down to earth manner.

Includes.... Understanding the street predator...modes of attack...attack rituals.... defending your personal space.... ko strikes.....pressure points and nerve attacks.....defensive tactics and technique....edged weapon defence and much more plus the bonus 5th disc 'total destruction'. Witness Kevin demonstrate some of the most devastating techniques from his Combat jujutsu system (not to be missed)



It's quite simple: when high-level execs, special agents and other operatives need to go into the World's most dangerous places and need ultra-powerful (and easy to learn) fighting techniques overnight (or over a weekend, to be more precise), then they come to Kevin's secret ‘weekend training'.

Over just hours in fact Kevin has literally given them the core fighting skills they need to actually go into (frankly) horrible places and ‘handle' themselves should the need arise.

This DVD series covers the kind of techniques that he only teaches to his private clientele, the stuff that quite frankly, he tends to hold back from everyone else. (Except these very high-paying ‘special' clients).

You'll learn...

• A complete run-down of types of ‘encounters' you'll face on the street (including ambushes) – how to handle each, what to do, how to behave.

• How controlling dead-space is the key to keeping out of trouble whether here, on the streets, on foreign soil, or anyplace else

• How to use Kevin's personal armoury of awareness, positional, demonstrative methods that will enable you to keep your nose clean in a variety of unusual situations

• Body Weapon Analysis – a run down of the entire body, identifying all the ‘weapons' available to you – so you can use your body like the ultimate weapon.

• How to use ‘protective fences' around your body to keep an almost-invisible ‘force-field' to keep you away from attackers.

• How to knockout an opponent with minimal training – even if you've got no experience.

• Why one of the most common blocks in many traditional systems will break your arm – and how it was actually intended to be used instead!

• Instant knee-breakers which require virtually no effort, co-ordination or skill to pull off – use these only in extreme emergencies when you need to get away.

• Easy way to instantly ‘choke out' an attacker before he even knows what happened.

• Flesh Crunchers – moves that will cause extreme pain on various fleshy areas of the human body.

• A litany of ‘close-in' ‘nasties' which will leave your stomach churning...don't use these unless you really need to – and be careful training these with your partner.

• Medical pressure points – stuff that even a Doctor will tell you ‘work' – how to use to cause unbearable pain...

• And more..

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