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Kevin's latest fiction book A Short, Sharp Shock is more

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Kevin has just uploaded a new self defence move more


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Kevin has a range of manuals covering all aspects of Martial Arts from becoming your own bodyguard, to fighting against edged weapons as well as his infamous 'Manstoppers'.



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This new manual by Kevin gives you a no-nonsense guide to techniques that will stop any attacker in their tracks instantly. These are combat proven moves that are high percentage finishers.



Become your own Bodyguard

Are you a student or young adult? Do you live away from home? Thinking of going travelling? Do you enjoy a night out? If the answer is Yes then this is essential for you!



Edged Weapon Attacks

This is the definative guide to edged weapon attacks. This no nonsense guide covers what are edged weapons, bleeding, survival, tactics.....



Extreme Measures

A female guide to combating rape and sexual assult, this manual does what it says on the tin - Graphic, down and dirty no holds barred defence techniques against a nightmare situation.



Are you looking at me?

This manual by Kevin goes into depth on how to verbally combat an aggressive person. Using his vast years of experience in this field Kevin will discuss why we get angry and what our bodies and minds experience.



The Anatomy of a Street Assult

This manual explores the mind of the street predator and his modes of action. Crammed full of tactics, tips and techniques to spot the predators ploys and not fall victim to them. This is powerful stuff and not to be neglected in the reality combat partitioner's syllabus

Fear - Friend or Foe

This concise manual explores what fear really is and gives you a better understanding of its many guises and how it can stifles use physically and mentally. It will look at tried and tested tactics and techniques to break the stranglehold of fear and control it, making it work for you. This is potentially life changing stuff.

50 Shades of S#$% kicked out of you

This is one read you can’t afford to miss out on. 50 of the ultimate unarmed close quarter combat techniques ever. They are so secret and so deadly the real identity of the person writing and demonstrating this lethal stuff must be kept a closely guarded secret because of fear of retribution from the Grand masters of the red dragon society





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