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Kevin's latest fiction book A Short, Sharp Shock is more

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Kevin has just uploaded a new self defence move more


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This page includes Kevin's vintage DVDs containing archive footage of early training and the evolution of his Total Combat System. Click the covers for more details.



Close Encounters

Going up bare handed against a weapon is highly dangerous and a last resort. Unfortunatly in today's violent society there is an increasing chance of this happening. When there is nowhere to run and you have to fight you will want the knowledge and skill to survive.




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Down and Out Vol.1

This dynamic DVD takes you through 50 (fifty!) complete standing to floor Jujutsu throws and takedowns, backed up with powerful 'Atemi' strikes and a multitude of punishing ground finishes.



Down and Out Vol.2

This dynamic DVD covers throws and takedowns into armbars, chokes, cranks, leglocks kneebars, spinal holds and combination submissions.



Extreme Defence

Welcome to the reality of street self defence with extrme defence. This DVD gives you no-nonsense, no-holds barred responses against a multitudeof dangerous and potentially life threatening situations.



Fistful of Dynamite

Translates as 'Jujutsu Stick', a small and highly effective Martial Arts weapon used for striking, locking and much more...



Impact Ju Jutsu Vol.1

This dynamic DVD focuses on the training and conditioning needed to be ready for any violent conflict. If you ever need to engage in combat then you have to be in good physical shape



Impact Ju Jutsu Vol.2

Here it is! The follow up to the successful Impact Jujutsu Vol. 1. This time Kevin O'Hagan and his senior instructor Paul Flett take you through a full array of advanced exercices including: Padwork, Conditioning, Speed Drills, Boxing, Vale Tudo and much more!



Impact Ju Jutsu Vol.3

Here it is! Number three in the Impact training series of videos by Jujutsu Instructor Kevin O'Hagan. Following on from the huge success of Vol. 1-2 comes 'Harcore Training'.




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