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Who the Diploma is for?

The Diploma is a part theory, part practical course that will train you in the fundamental, core concepts that the O'Hagan Total Combat System promotes. The course is primarily designed for instructors with clubs, so that when the course is complete they have the endorsement and the means to integrate Kevin's unique concepts. However it may also act as a personal achievement or goal for Martial arts growth; or help you in a career based situation whether it keeps you safe or it helps give you that little something different on a CV.

What's the Set Up?

To receive the Diploma Certification at the end of the course, you will have to show commitment; you will be required to attend all six 4 hour workshops - NO EXCUSES or SICK NOTES. If you clash with set dates you will have to be aware of this in advance, as we will not be changing a date for one person's benefit!

What are the current dates?

We have decided to start in February and finish in July. This will hopefully let you make a start to the year and get organised and fingers crossed avoid the main bulk of the summer holidays.

These are the dates:

February - Sat 26th

March - Sat 26th

April - Sat 30th

May - Sat 21st

June - Sat 25th

July - Sat 30th       

The Content/ Modules

The course will be made up of 6 modules one for each month. Kevin's system is vast so he has taken the fundamentals and the core concepts and condensed them into 6 modules. This is what you will be trained in and it will give you a thorough framework and foundation to build on in the future and to integrate back into your club.

The modules are as follows (all structure of modules will be titled in the official course manuals)

Module 1 - Anatomy of the Street Predator

Module 2 - Desensitisation

Module 3 - If in doubt choke 'em' out

Module 4 - Street Smart

Module 5 - In your face

Module 6 - At the sharp end


As pre-mentioned this course will be focused around the fundamentals and key concepts of the system. However it is from a teaching perspective so it will not be the basics you can get from a regular class. Kevin is not only sharing the concepts; he is showing you how you can teach and incorporate them into your own system and to use them effectively yourself in the future. The qualifications will come with Kevin and the O'Hagan Total Combat Systems endorsement and will qualify you to teach these concepts in your own clubs.

What you will get

Apart from the course itself and the certification, you receive the content which is equivalent to 24 hours of intense, personal instruction; you will be given an official Diploma manual that will become your bible and main teaching aid. You will also get an exclusive course t-shirt and an official O'Hagan Total Combat System training t-shirt. On top of this you will receive a copy of Kevin's book "In the Face of Violence" being one of his most popular and essential publications and other manuals to assist and hone your teaching and martial ability.

The Cost/ Booking

Please contact us direct for details.


Bring all basic protective gear to each session if possible i.e. gum shields, groin guards etc. Also if you have them, bring along any boxing/ sparring gloves you have got and shin guards just in case they are needed. All focus pads and other pieces of impact equipment will be provided.

Our next course will be starting soon so please contact us for details and to register your interest.



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