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I just wanted to say thank you very much for allowing me to be involved in the O'Hagan Total Combat Systems Instructor Diploma.

The course was utterly brilliant! Kevin condensed his 30+ years of various martial arts knowledge and experience into one complete and concise syllabus, which was fantastic. It taught me so many skills and dispelled so many "old school" martial arts myths and beliefs, which I am now passing onto my students.

The course covered the best bits from every martial art and was extremely well delivered, effective and logical. You certainly progressed and grew in knowledge, experience and confidence with every session.

When the final session ended, it was a real shame as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, but it is great knowing that I am one of the first to be gifted with the knowledge and experiences (and maybe a few bruises!) from one of the best martial artists in the World. I am looking forward to training under Kevin and the other Instructors from the course for years to come and building on my knowledge and techniques to become a better martial artist and instructor.

If anyone has trained or taught for years and wants to take their teaching and knowledge to another level, they seriously need to do the Diploma with Kevin!

Mike Bowen, Owner, Bubalu


Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to email and say thanks to yourself (and Jake) for the 'O'Hagan Total Combat Systems' Diploma Course this year.

I have been training in martial arts for some years now, but this course was the most detailed, intensive and eye-opening 6 months of learning that I have ever experienced. The quality and level of detail that you shared was clearly the kind that only comes from many years of hard training, study & hard earned experience in martial arts.

The course content over the 6 months covered all aspects of self protection and I learnt not only new physical skills, but also comprehensive knowledge behind the theory and psychological aspects of confrontation. It has most certainly given me a huge amount to think about, both in terms of my own training, and my teaching - I have already made changes to my Club Syllabus and will be making further changes to the way my students learn and train.

On a personal level, you have, and continue to be an inspirational teacher, with a work ethic and enthusiasm proving that age is but a number! Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to continuing my training under your expert instruction.

Best regards

Gary Patterson

Chief Instructor, The Way Gym Combat Kickboxing

British Combat Association Instructor

Geoff Thompson Self Defence Instructor

Kevin O'Hagan Diploma Instructor!


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