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The Gladiatior Total Body Workout

Gladiator workout is based on a combination of cardiovascular and body weight exercises. This is known as combat conditioning which works 5 major areas of fitness:

- Cardio/stamina.
- Muscular endurance.
- Muscular strength.
- Flexibility.
- Mobility/Motor skills.

The exercises develop functional fitness; they are all designed with a purpose.

The routines are part of a professional fighter's exercises. The workout has been designed to get you fighting fit and in peak condition, depending on how hard you push yourself.

Most people when training do not move out of their 'Comfort Zone' and rarely push to new limits. They never have a 'look over the next hill.'

The Gladiator workout is designed to take you outside of those parameters and see where it might take you in your quest for ever improving fitness.


Not only will it push you physically, it will push you mentally. You will develop not only a highly conditioned body; you will also develop an iron will and fighting spirit. You will train like a warrior.

If you want to shed unwanted pounds, drop your body fat, see your stamina soar out the window, develop awesome endurance, and a super toned body then this can be achieved with the help of this type of workout.

No gimmicks, no trends, no tricks. Sweat and determination are the key factors. Don't mistake this workout for boxercise, taerobics or circuits. They are all good methods of fitness in they own right. But this is different. The Gladiator workout is based on the sort of conditioning that cage fighters,Pro boxers, Special Forces and bodyguards are doing.

You will get an insight into how they train and how tough they need to be. You will get the 'workout' without the 'fight.'

These exercises were being used centuries ago by old time fitness and strength athletes, strongmen, wrestlers and Martial Artists. They have stood the test of time.

These guys didn't have luxury or advantages of the latest fitness technology or equipment but they were still in awesome shape. We should quite rightly look to the future in the fitness industry but we are sometimes guilty of ignoring effective exercise regimes from the past. The Gladiator workout looks to preserve these time proven exercises and re-introduce them to those who have not used them before.

The beauty of this workout is that it can be done anywhere and requires no equipment. All you need is motivation and a will to succeed.

Gladiator workout is tough and uncompromising but if you have got what it takes, you are going to be amazed at the results!




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