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The origins of Ju Jutsu lie in the feudal Samurai of Ancient Japan. Ju Jutsu was a battlefield art of armed and unarmed combat and its effectiveness was tested in actual warfare.

The Combat Ju Jutsu taught by Kevin O'Hagan is a fusion of many different Ju Jutsu systems that he has learnt over the years and it is aimed at effectiveness in today's society.

It includes the upright striking skills of punching, kicking and open hand blended with close quarter knees, elbows, head butts and upright grappling. Throws and takedowns are practiced as are joint breaks, submissions, locks and immobilization's. There is an array of chokes, strangles, neck cranks and headlocks, ground fighting and grappling. Plus extreme combat techniques of biting, gouging, nerve attacks and pressure points.

The system also deals with weapon attacks and use of modern weaponry and makeshift weaponry. It has a comprehensive grading syllabus from white to black belt.

We also teach a definitive Childrens Jujutsu Syllabus - click here for details.



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