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The Sunday Morning Circuit

This session is all based around pushing yourself; from 10.30 till 12pm you will be required to put every ounce of energy into our brutal conditioning circuit. Ranging from body weight, to weighted, to paired drills the class is guaranteed to change its routines and exercises every week to reach maximum results every time.

As we attend conditioning based classes some instructors are guilty of falling into the same routine week in week out; changing things up not only shocks the system every week (which will make one week as hard as the other), but it makes it more fun to take part in and is a great way of rocketing you fitness levels.

Believe it or not the class is still suitable to all levels of fitness, as long as you push yourself as much as you can then you are reaching your maximum which is what the class is dictating it doesn’t matter what others around you are doing as it is a work out for you. If you turn up with a bit of grit and determination you will get a massive return from the class and go home feeling great!!





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