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One-day workshop on understanding fear and the techniques and tactics to control and master it.

Learn how to make fear work positively for you rather than against you.

This workshop is presented and delivered by Kevin O’Hagan. Kevin is a well known Martial artist, ex professional fighter and author.

He has encountered fear on many levels from competing as a cage fighter, to working in the world of security, to delivering conflict management courses to a wide range of clients, to developing his own business, teaching across the world, to breaking into the writing business as an author. He has pursued many of his dreams and ambitions and understands that there is no growth without pain.

From his vast experience and huge understanding of living and managing fear, this workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to succeed in your life, to achieve your ambitions no matter how big or small and not to live in the stifling grip of fear.

Workshop includes the topics...

- What is fear

- From misery to might

- Thought programming

- Understanding the adrenal response

- Different types of fear

- Steps to conquer fear

- Fear ladder

- Maintaining success...and much

- Relaxed and enjoyable environment and atmosphere.

Venue: Vassell Centre Bristol

Time: 1-5pm

Cost: £40 per person

Contact to book: or 07789865284



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