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Kevin has a range of books covering all aspects of Martial Arts, Self Defence, Psychology of violence, Conditioing for combat and much more. Click on the covers below for further details.



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Bad to the Bone

This is not just another technique or 'how to do' book. This text digs deep into the psyche of dealing with and exploring violence plus conditioning the mind to think about self protection as more than just physical response.




Grappling with Reality

This is not just another standard book on ground grappling. This text digs deep into separating the contest side of grappling with the skills, technique, psyche and conditioning needed for reality floor-fighting on the street.



I thought you'd be bigger!

Ever feel inferior or intimadated by a large person?
Maybe you have been bullied by such a person?
Maybe you have been the victim of violence 'offered' by a big aggressive assailant?
Or maybe you just live in fear of being attacked by someone bigger than yourself?



In the Face of Violence

When the world of violence and aggression come knocking on your door, how prepared will you be? Do you know how you will react? Are you ready to fight back and survive or will you become another victim?



In your Face

It can be fast, brutal and very frightening. It will be 'In your face' and up very close. It will probably happen when you least expect it and it will not be of your choosing.




A fanatical Martial Artist. An obsessive fitness freak. A man who constantly challenged and punished himself through the tough Budo regimes of the fighting arts. This is the story of Kevin O'Hagan a 7th Dan Black belt...



Still Relentless


Kevin O’Hagan is back with a fantastic sequel to his highly successful Martial Arts autobiography.



Unleash the beast

The workbook of fitness and conditioning concepts for the combat athlete.

‘Tiredness makes cowards of us all’
Vince Lombardi




A Sting in the Tale

A Sting in the Tale is the definitive collection of modern short horror stories. Kevin O’Hagan does an expert job of terrifying, chilling and making those invisible centipedes crawl down your back.






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