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A fanatical Martial Artist. An obsessive fitness freak. A man who constantly challenged and punished himself through the tough Budo regimes of the fighting arts.

This is the story of Kevin O'Hagan a 7th Dan Black belt in Combat Jujutsu, who has relentlessly dedicated 30 years of his life to the combat Arts. He has trained, taught and fought to the top in his chosen field. From a small skinny and insecure 14-year old school boy to one of today's most respectable Martial Artists and modern combat cross trainers. He has the reputation as a hard trainer and explosive martial Artist but also a humble and well liked man.

His story is bound to excite, inform and inspire you. Share his highs and lows, his struggles and successes and get a totally honest and bare to the bone insight into what makes a Martial Artist tick.


'Hard man, tough guy, animal? I am none of these things. I am a disciplined Martial Artist. My biggest fights have been internal ones with myself. I have constantly strived for self-improvement through extreme adversity.'


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