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Kevin's latest fiction book A Short, Sharp Shock is more

New Technique
Kevin has just uploaded a new self defence move more


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This page includes Kevin's vintage DVDs containing archive footage of early training and the evolution of his Total Combat System. Click the covers for more details.



Sudden Impact

If you are not training in MMA technique or Reality combat then you are not prepared for serious fighting. The evolution of reality based Martial Arts has taken the world by storm.


Junior Ju Jutsu Syllabus

This DVD is designed to help and support your child's learning as they work their way through the many varied techniques of Jujutsu. It covers all you need to progress through the grades.


White - Green Belt Ju Jutsu Syllabus

The origins of Combat Jujutsu stem back to the Samurai battlefields. The techniques were tried and tested in hand to hand combat.


Blue - Black Belt Ju Jutsu Syllabus

Kevin O'Hagan's Combat Jujutsu has brought the art into the modern day for self defence and close quarter combat.


Promo DVD

This is a Special Promo DVD of Kevin's training. The 30min disc is packed full of evolving Combat Jujutsu, Impact Training and MMA.



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